Environmental, social, and good governance (ESG) are fundamental core values of the board and management of Gold Bull Resources Corp. Our Company deeply cares about the environment and our stakeholders. From its beginning, we have made the environment, social responsibility, and good governance a priority and the foundation of everything we do. We focus on making sure that we meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and have instilled good governance practices into our business. The ultimate responsibility for achieving these goals rests with the board of Gold Bull, and this responsibility is accordingly delegated to all management levels.

At the core of everything we do, are our values.



The health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public is of the utmost importance. When it comes to safety, there are no shortcuts.

What it means to us:

  • Safety first. In everything we do, big or small.
  • Promote a philosophy to speak out and halt work immediately
    when health, safety or wellbeing may be at risk.
  • Regular check-ins with department heads, colleagues and partners to see how they are doing.



We work together with colleagues, partners & communities to establish & optimize organizational operations. Most importantly, we learn from one another to improve performance and drive success.

What it means to us:

  • Continually seek and give feedback to
    learn from others, share knowledge and optimize operations.
  • Encourage that all teams share
    and embody our company’s values & culture.
  • Get buy-in at all levels and work towards
    a common and beneficial goal.



We recognise, respect, and foster diversity amongst cultures, communities and perspectives. We treat each other with fairness, dignity and integrity to maximize the most of our team’s contributions.

What it means to us:

  • Actively seek out different perspectives and opinions.
  • Listen with respect and value contributions from all employee levels.
  • Create an open forum where we can challenge one another when assumptions and biases may be present.



We have the commitment and courage to do what’s right, not what’s easiest. Our ethics, transparency and moral compass allow us to build a level of trust that fosters strong relationships with everyone we work with.

What it means to us:

  • The bravery and relentless commitment to act honestly
    and communicate transparently at all times.
  • Every employee must take accountability
    for their words, actions and decisions.
  • Speak up. Challenge things when the situation calls for it.



Superior performance and perpetual learning are in our core. We challenge everyone, at all levels, to approach each day with a drive for individual and team growth. Each day, we aim to do and be better.

What it means to us:

  • Responsiveness and adaptation to our colleagues, shareholders,
    and partners to meet and exceed expectations.
  • Set high expectations for ourselves and teammates
    and continually aim to surpass them.
  • Innovation and improvement in everything we do.



We go above and beyond to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of the environment. We all share one world, and the protection of our quality of water, air, vegetation, and wildlife are always on our mind.

What it means to us:

  • Plan & execute steps to minimize, mitigate,
    or, where possible, eliminate any impact or footprint.
  • Evaluate our footprint on a regular basis and continue to set the bar higher year-over-year with innovation and new technologies.
  • Rehabilitate disturbed areas, especially from previous producing mines, and leave the grounds better than we found them.



We aim to make a positive impact on lives, especially those around our project communities. Environmental, social, and economic advancement and prosperity is our goal.

What it means to us:

  • Create local jobs and take care of our people.
  • Buy and source local products to help support
    small-medium businesses and the community around us.
  • Support education and provide mentoring to help
    give back and drive the next generation to a more positive future.

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